Coronavirus: Shortage in toilet paper leads to more plumber repair call

MORAINE — Fears over the COVID-19 coronavirus has resulted in a temporary toilet paper shortage, causing a ripple effect all the way down the sewage system.

With toilet paper hard to find, many people have turned to other alternatives such as napkins, wipes and even paper towels.

Plumbers warn using the wrong items could result in money being flushed down the drain.

“We have overabundance of calls for drains right now,” Layne Skidmore told NewsCenter 7’s Katy Andersen. Skidmore is the president and owner of Complete Plumbing in Moraine.

Skidmore said his team has responded to a high number of drain stoppages and sewer calls because people are flushing things besides toilet paper. He said the biggest culprits are paper towels and wipes.

“We see ‘flushable’ on the packaging all the time, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to want to flush down your sewer properly,” Skidmore said. “Baby wipes and paper towels are thicker. They like to unfold and adhere to the inside of the pipe by cohesion, so they don’t like to flow down the paper like toilet paper does.”

Skidmore said nothing but toilet paper belongs in the toilet. If you are desperate and need to use something else, then put it in the trash instead.

Failure to do so could lead to repairs which could cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars.