Coronavirus: Chicks among some of the unusual items people are stocking up with

Beavercreek — The coronavirus has prompted a lot of people to stock up on some unusual items.

When News Center 7's Gabrielle Enright visited Tractor Supply in Beavercreek she learned that many shoppers are stocking up on dog food, livestock feed and baby chicks. 
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"We sell live baby chicks and they're blowing out the door. Everybody is coming in and buying baby chicks. I've been sold out of them and it's normally not like this at this time of the year. Egg production is what they're looking for. They're not looking for them as meat chickens", said store manager Gary Hendrickson.

Owning chickens and other livestock is illegal in some communities.

Tractor Supply is considered an essential business because it sells animal feed and propane.

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In addition to animal feed, propane and baby chicks, Hendrickson said customers are also buying rubber mats normally used for horse stalls to make home gyms.