Area destroyed by Memorial Day Tornadoes set to be restored to ‘natural state’

DAYTON — Today marks three years since the Memorial Day tornado outbreak.

Even though many people are still trying to recover, the City of Dayton has big plans for some properties that have not been restored.

Off of Shoup Mill Road, in the area of the Foxton Court Apartments, crews are gearing up to conduct a major renovation.

The area was in the direct path of the EF4 tornado that tore through the Miami Valley back in 2019.

The City of Dayton reached out to Five Rivers Metroparks in hopes of reviving the destroyed land.

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Since the land is part of a major area, right off a busy road, the Metroparks, with the help of the Dayton Disaster Relief Fund, partnered with Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation to remove all 120 apartments on this land and restore it to its natural state.

New Center Seven’s Dontre Drexelius spoke with Carrie Scarf, the chief of planning and projects, and she explained what will be happening at the site.

“We were all able to put together a project that will remove all of these buildings, all of the pavements and infrastructure, and then return this to natural space that will eventually be woods,” Scarf said.

The project is set to cost $2 million to clear the land and get rid of the apartments.

According to Scarf, the project should be completed within a year.