After more than 3 years, condo complex destroyed by Memorial Day tornadoes demolished

HARRISON TOWNSHIP — It has been more than three years since the Memorial Day tornadoes destroyed a condominium complex in Harrison Township.

The complex located at Lofty Oaks Lane was in the direct path of the tornado. Five units were left unliveable.

The complex was falling apart and started presenting safety issues, so the township wanted it gone.

Friday the complex was finally demolished.

“We had some issues with vagrancy and people who were trying to live in it. It made it a significant safety hazard for them,” Mike Crist, Harrison Township interim fire chief said.

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Figuring out who owned the complex is why the demolition took so long, among other issues the township said.

Georgeanne Godsey, Harrison Township trustee said the owners of the complex were uninsured.

The demolition is costing more than $40,000 and taxpayers are paying a portion of it.

“Normally it would be reassessed against the property owner ... we don’t believe we will recover that money,” Godsey said.

There are other properties that are damaged from the tornadoes but township officials said this is the last major one for the area.

“ [It’s] just been a huge focal point as everybody drives down Needmore but it is definitely the largest building that we have left,” Crist said.

The area is now open land and no plans have been released for what will replace the complex.