AES Ohio: No concerns for rolling blackouts as power restoration continues from Monday storms

SPRINGBORO — Power companies are still working to restore power to those without it after Monday’s storms.

People are also surviving without their air conditioning but are not comfortable in this heat wave.

>>Power outages remain across region after Monday’s severe storms

One resident spoke with News Center 7′s Mike Campbell Wednesday in Springboro and says people are still dealing with power lines under downed trees and remain without power.

“I heard a big crack and then the trees started coming down,” Lee Ann Stone said. (Power crews) did come out last night and take a look, said they would push us up the list because we have wires down.”

With high temperatures in the 90s and heat indices above 100 Wednesday, people with power have their air conditioning running at full blast.

AES spokesperson Mary Ann Kabel says people should still conserve to keep their power bills down but there is no concern of rolling blackouts and adds the company system is in good shape right now.

“That’s a bit of positive news, We have never hit the max, so to speak, where we had any disruption or need for conservation,” Kabel said

As for homes still without power, the FDA says full and unopened freezers can keep food safe for 48 hours but perishable food in a refrigerator is likely good for only four to six hours.

But for many in the area, that time has passed and entire refrigerators worth of food has been thrown out.

“Oh yeah, its gone, its done,” Brad League of Springboro said.

Power companies remind people that if you see downed powered lines, you should treat them as if they are live and keep your distance.