Verdict returned for one of two men in shooting death of Dayton man

CLAYTON — UPDATE: April 28, 2022

One of two men on trial in the shooting death of Devin Wilson was found not guilty on all charges late Thursday night. Re’al Belay Streety, 21, was on trial, along with Michael David Allen, 24, in Wilson’s death.

At this time, there is no word on a verdict for Allen.

Original Reports - April 26, 2022

Two men accused of murder and other felony charges related to the shooting death of Devin Wilson after a fight at the RSVP Ultra Lounge in Clayton are set for trial Tuesday.

Michael David Allen, 24, and Re’al Belay Streety, 21, both of Dayton, were indicted for murder, felonious assault and a weapons charge for the shooting in November 2020.

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“The defendants were involved in an altercation at the RSVP Ultra Lounge on Union Road in Clayton, and were removed by security,” prosecutors said. “Later, when the victim and his friends left, there was another altercation in the parking lot. The victim and a passenger left in the victim’s vehicle.”

Investigators said Allen and Streety following Wilson and fired multiple shots toward his vehicle on Shiloh Springs Road. The victims also fired back at he suspects.

“Wilson was struck multiple times, causing him to lose control and crash his vehicle,” the prosecutors office said.

Approximately 60 spent shell casings were recovered at the scene of the shooting.