AAA explains the most common call they get during winter weather

Winter weather hit the Miami Valley early this morning, and AAA tells us they have already had crews responding to calls.

We spoke to Kara Hitchens with AAA, and she told us the most common call they get during winter weather are slide-offs.

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“We see a lot of slide-offs, and our crews are able to get out there and get them back up on the road,” Hitchens tells us.

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Drivers planning to hit the road need to make sure they have plenty of gas. Hitches says, " Make sure you have plenty of gas in your tank... If you do get delays you’ll be able to keep yourself warm.”


With colder weather, it’s important to have a blanket, hat, and gloves in your car so you can stay warm.

Hitchens says having snacks and beverages in the car can help you stay fed and hydrated if you find yourself in a crash.