95-year-old Reds fan attending tonight’s Field of Dreams game in Iowa

SPRINGFIELD — The second annual, “MLB Field of Dreams,” game is set for tonight between the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs and 95-year-old Don Rinker of Springfield, one of the Reds oldest fans, will be in attendance.

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Rinker tells News Center’s 7 Haley Kosik that he was just 14-years-old when he went to his first Cincinnati Reds baseball game.

“My first game was in 1939 at Crosley Field,” he said.

Rinker was a paper for the Springfield News and Sun and sold the most newspapers and won a trip to the game for his hardwork.

“I sat in the last row at the end of left field,” said Rinker. “I’ve been a pretty good supporter for a long, long time.”

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He’s been a regular season ticket holder since 1974 and has gone to more than 1,000 Reds’ games. He attended Dream Week in 1981.

“Well that was a lot of fun,” Rinker said. “You met a lot of different people.”

He turned 95-years-old Tuesday and his daughter Kim bought two tickets to the, “Field of Dreams,” game in Dyersville, Iowa; the same filming location as the iconic move, starring Kevin Costner.

“They play in a cornfield!” Rinker told Kosik.

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The tickets cost nearly $900 and thinks this will be game yet and predicts a Reds win.

“The Reds eight, Cubs zero.”

First pitch between the Reds and Cubs is at 7:15 p.m.