2 local school districts seek additional funding; 1 passes, 1 fails

SPRINGFIELD — School districts sometimes use the August special election date as a way to get levies in front of voters in their communities. This year is no different, but only two local schools decided to take a levy to the voters.

Clark-Shawnee Local School District in Clark County asked voters to approve a substitute levy for existing levies that are already in place.

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Voters approved the levy with 863 votes. Those voting against the levy was 852. More information will be coming in the next few days whether a recount will be done considering the closeness of the votes.

Clark-Shawnee is seeking 12.1 mills, which amounts to $1.21 for each $100.00 of valuation for the initial year of the tax for a continuing period of time, starting in 2022 with first due in 2023. If approved, any remaining tax years on any of the two existing levies will not be collected after 2022.

In Butler County, Ross Local Schools are seeking an additional tax levy in an effort to avoid an operating deficit.

The district was seeking 7.99 mills for a period of five years.

Voters in the Ross Local School District rejected the additional tax with 2,661 votes, while 1,499 voted for the additional tax.