Gov. Mike DeWine visited Dayton to discuss spike in COVID-19 cases

Gov. Mike DeWine in Dayton to discuss spike in COVID-19 cases

DAYTON — Gov. Mike DeWine came to Dayton Friday and spoke about the COVID-19 spike in the area and across the state.

DeWine arrived at the Patterson Homestead on Brown Street to speak about his concerns.


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  • 12 of the 14 counties in western Ohio have high incidences of COVID-19 cases or are classified as red counties.
  • Governor said his focus is on the western part of the state.
  • “People are simply not being cautious. They’re going about family life, meeting with people, we’re not seeing masks being worn.” said DeWine.
  • DeWine stressed the importance of mask wearing, saying they are “the entrée into freedom.”
  • The governor said this on Ohio’s numbers, “It has reached a point where I was very concerned... very alarmed.”
  • “We have a western Ohio problem.” said DeWine.
  • He addressed his decision to allow visitors safely to nursing homes.