Did the Oregon District shooter intentionally target his sister?

Did Oregon District shooter intentionally target his sister?

Dayton, Ohio — It remains a point of uncertainty whether or not Connor Betts, the man who killed nine people during a mass shooting in the Oregon District, intentionally targeted his sister Megan, who was the first person killed.

While police are still unsure if Betts realized who he was shooting in that moment, Dayton Chief Biehl said in a press conference Tuesday that the siblings were communicating after he left Blind Bob's and that he was aware of her location.

“It’s an interesting question, and a lot of us having been involved in this dialogue...we have wildly different views on that regard. If we can’t agree....I would say that it’s inconclusive,” he explained.

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The chief added that he thinks the shooter previously planned the incident and that none of the shooter’s interactions at either bar that night contributed to his actions.