WATCH: Deer crashes into Troy Kohl’s store; 911 calls released

TROY — Troy police responded to Kohl’s Saturday night after a deer ran into the store.

UPDATE @ 2:45 p.m. (Dec. 18)

News Center 7’s Lauren Clark spoke with Kohl’s shoppers Monday, showing them video of the deer running through the store and gathering their reaction.

“I mean frightened animals in cornered spaces is something I would not want to personally deal with,” one shopper said.

The deer was ramming its head into a mirror in the home goods aisle before a male and female grab the deer, hold it down and try to calm it.

The store was temporarily evacuated Saturday as staff worked to capture the deer before any injuries occurred.

Miami County dispatchers received seven calls about the animal.


This happened just after 8 p.m. at the store located at 1869 W. Main St.

Videos are circulating on Facebook, showing the deer running into the store, after first running into the front glass doors.

Troy police Sgt. Richard Gumerlock said there were no injuries reported in the incident. He said a couple officers and citizens were able to capture the deer. He said they immediately released it and that there are woods behind the shopping area.

"Every couple years we seem to get a deer break through a glass window somewhere into a store, they’re rare,” Gummerlock said. “They get spooked and do a lot of things."

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