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Miami Valley CTC break-in leads police to as many as 4 other theft cases

ENGLEWOOD — The breaking and entering case at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center in Englewood last week has helped police solve at least two other theft cases in Montgomery County and may lead to their making breakthroughs in the investigations of yet two more theft cases.

Early on the morning of Feb. 8, Englewood police arrested one man who was in a van packed with electronics and other property that belong to the school.

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A second man, who police saw poke his head outside a door to the school and run when he saw them, remains on the loose but police know who he is.

The breaking and entering occurred as the school is undergoing construction and renovation.

“We had officers respond to a burglar alarm at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center at about 2:30 in the morning,” Sgt. Mike Lang recounted to News Center 7′s John Bedell on Thursday.

“They had a bunch of equipment from electronics, to televisions to VCRs to construction equipment and high-dollar items,” Lang said.

The investigation into the breaking and entering led police to a house in Jefferson Twp. on Wednesday, where they recovered property believed to have been taken from the Miami Valley CTC.

Some of the items had been in a trailer that was stolen from the CTC in January. Police found the trailer, empty, earlier this week.

Englewood police said they also found property at the Jefferson Twp. address that was believed to have been taken from a construction site in Trotwood.

Police are also looking into whether two other construction site thefts are connected to the CTC incident.

CTC’s president was unable to speak on camera Thursday but told News Center 7 he’s thankful for the work Englewood police have done in the investigation.

“The CTC is an incredible resource,” Sgt. Lang said. “It’s attended by thousands of students and this would definitely have impacted them and their new building. So the fact we’re able to not only make arrests in the case, but also recover all the property. We’re pretty excited about it.”

As of late Thursday afternoon, neither suspect has been formally charged in the CTC breaking and entering.