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UPDATE: 4 arrested in connection to recent string of area mail thefts, Kettering police say

KETTERING — Kettering Police have identified four individuals who were arrested in connection with a string of area mail thefts.

Those arrested were:

  • Keith Calahan - Dayton, 23 - charged with receiving stolen property, theft, resisting arrest and obstructing official business
  • Leonard Blackstone - Kettering, 19 - charged with receiving stolen property and theft
  • Jeff Weaver - Centerville, 22 - charged with receiving stolen property and theft
  • Amond Turner - Trotwood, 23 - charged with receiving stolen property and theft

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Kettering police announced the results of the investigation Thursday afternoon during a news conference, saying the arrests were made Thursday morning. Authorities said around 1:50 a.m. Thursday, officers were called to an apartment at 3248 Gracemore Avenue, where they found individuals in possession of stolen mail.

Police said a search warrant was served and discovered the stolen mail was from the mail drop boxes at the Forrer Boulevard Post Office.

They said all four individuals are being held in the Kettering and Montgomery County jails.

According to Kettering Police, they do not believe these are the only suspects in these thefts. They also said the suspects managed to unlock the mail drop boxes by using a stolen key from the post office.

Police also indicated, from previous incidents, that thieves steal checks and cash them, committing fraud.

Kettering police posted on social media this week about multiple mailboxes that were tampered with in Kettering and Beavercreek over the weekend.

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Additionally, 26 reports have been taken by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office involving mail theft including at the Paragon Road branch in Washington Twp.