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Richmond school shooting: Police seize computers, gun boxes from home

RICHMOND, Indiana — Authorities seized computers and two gun boxes this afternoon from the home in the aftermath of a shooting at Dennis Intermediate School.

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Neighbors said Indiana State Police, the FBI and ATF were outside the home all day in the 100 block of Southwest 16th Street in Richmond.

“When I got up this morning, the police were across the street with the yellow tape up,” said Duane Reed.

He said Indiana State Police told him the home was where the 14-year-old boy involved in the school shooting incident lived. Authorities said the teen, Brandon Clegg, died by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound after exchanging gunfire with law enforcement.

Although officers and agents were on scene all day, it wasn’t until the afternoon that officers and agents finally made entry into the home, Reed said.

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“They hauled a bunch of stuff outside the house,” Reed said, including computers, a gun box and a pistol box.

Stacey Simerman of Michigan, who was visiting her mother in Richmond, said she, too, saw law enforcement pulling items from the home.

“They were in there for quite some time,” she said.

She heard about the shooting from the news, and noticed law enforcement near her mother’s house.

“It’s sad to know that there was a student that took his life at a middle school here in town. It’s just really, really sad.”

State police asked Reed and his wife, Angie, whether they had seen anyone leave that home early this morning, which they had not.

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Duane Reed said the family had not lived there long, that the father “was a very nice fellow,” but that they had never seen the teen.

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“This neighborhood is such a quiet, it’s like nothing goes on ... we’ve lived here 17 years and it’s been real nice and quiet. It’s kind of shocking,” Duane Reed said of the shooting incident and death of the teen. “Your heart goes out to the mom and dad when something like that, it makes no sense as to why it had to happen.”

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