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1 of 2 people accused of fleeing traffic stop in Riverside is in jail

UPDATE @ 6:30 p.m. (Sept. 14): One of the two people police have accused of fleeing a traffic stop in Riverside now is in jail.

Stephanie Amber Nicole Dill, 33, was arrested just before midnight Wednesday at an address on Cosler Street, according to Montgomery County Jail online records.

She is being detained on several misdemeanors and a minor misdemeanor, as well as a traffic violation and parole violations. The charges include failure to comply with the signal or order of a police officer, falsification, driving without a license, not stopping at a red light and not driving with required headlights.

Bail on the nine criminal charges is listed as $12,200.

As of Friday evening, police are still looking for Jerry Deandrae Tanner, known as "DJ."


Police are looking for two people who fled a traffic stop in the 4000 block of Burkhardt Road on Wednesday morning.

According to Riverside police, an officer attempted to pull over Stephanie Dill and Jerry Deandrae Tanner, known as “DJ,” who were in a light color Nissan with one headlight during a routine patrol in the area of Woodman Drive and Linden Avenue about 1:39 a.m.

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Dill proceeded into the Speedway, 4950 Burkhardt Drive, never coming to a complete stop.

The officer saw Tanner hunched down in the passenger seat and not wearing a seat belt. The officer asked both of them for their ID. They told the officer they did not have their IDs.

Dill and Tanner provided false Social Security numbers to the officer, according to police.

Before returning to the patrol vehicle, the officer asked Dill to put the car in park and provide the keys because of her “furtive movements.” She questioned the officer, then sped away headed west on Burkhardt.

The officer followed Dill to Cosler Road, a few blocks from the Speedway, then lost sight of Dill after she turned left onto Shedborne Avenue.

Riverside and Dayton police located the Nissan in the driveway of a vacant house in the 700 block of Cosler, next door to Dill’s mother’s residence.

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Before police found the car, the Riverside officer was able to identify Dill as the driver due to a previous traffic incident in July. She was driving a GMC truck registered to her mother and begged the officer not to tow it because her mother was ill and had no other means of transportation, according to Riverside police.

Dill’s mother, the registered owner of the Nissan, confirmed her daughter had taken the Nissan and left with a male friend she knew only as “DJ.” Dill’s mother said her daughter knew DJ well and he had been at the residence the evening prior while Dill braided his hair, police said.

Officers confirmed Tanner’s identity after searching the Cosler residence in their database, coming across multiple field interviews returning to Tanner’s name.

Dill’s mother identified Tanner as the man who was at her residence the evening before the attempted traffic stop. She allowed officers to search the residence.

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According to police, Dill has been sought on multiple misdemeanor and felony warrants, and will have additional warrants added for failure to comply and falsification. A warrant for Tanner’s arrest on a charge of falsification will be filed as well.

A traffic citation for Dill will also be issued for driving without a valid license, one headlight, and for Tanner failing to wear a seat belt.

If you have any information about their whereabouts, call Riverside police at 937-233-2080.