Coronavirus: Piqua roofing company making metal nose strips for masks

PIQUA — A Piqua roofing company is making metal nose strips for masks makers.

Isaiah Industries’s idea to use coils of aluminum that are normally used to make roofing material are now being used to make masks.

The idea came from the president Todd Miller.

“My business partner has an 82 year old mother who is in a nursing home and she is sewing masks for people to give away,” said Miller.

Miller explained that his partner’s mother was having trouble finding metal to help make the mask fit better and they realized their product could be used to help.

The idea quickly went viral, and the company made and shipped a half a million strips for free.

“We see ourselves as a company that really wants to give back and be as much a support to the community and to the world as we possibly can be,” explained Miller.

Isiah Industries has made 650 thousand of these strips and are only charging shipping.

Local companies like Polysource in Piqua have stepped up to try and help offset those shipping costs.

“It’s been incredibly humbling and inspiring to hear their stories," said Miller. "What we’re doing is a very small part of what’s really happening out there with this effort.”

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