Coronavirus Pandemic: What you need to know Sunday

Coronavirus Pandemic: What you need to know Sunday

Operators of daycare facilities, summer day camps are preparing to renew operations Sunday, and banquet and catering businesses are preparing to reopen Monday as part of Gov. Mike DeWine’s RestartOhio Plan.

Just like other businesses that have been given the green light, both groups will have to operate under rebuilt guidelines in keeping with trying to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

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Gov. DeWine said he plans the next briefing on the state’s response to the pandemic on Tuesday, unless something happens before then.

Things you should know today, Sunday:

Other things you need to know today:

LATEST STATE DATA: As of this morning, there are 35,034 cases in the state, 2,149 deaths, and 6,011 hospitalizations, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

Ohio has an estimated population of approximately 11.7 million, census records show.

Of the state’s positive cases, 19.5% are from Ohio’s prisons. At those prisons, there has been an increase in testing.

There have been 367,526 people tested for coronavirus in Ohio. In the state, 5,183 cases are health care workers, which is 15 percent of the cases.

It is important to note the number of confirmed cases is not a true reflection of actual cases in the state because of the limited amount of testing available. The hope is that the number of cases will be more accurate because of the expansion of the testing standards.