Brookville Schools not requiring students to be vaccinated; provide clinic for those who want it

BROOKVILLE — Brookville School District is holding a vaccination clinic for students 12 years of age and older, and Children’s Hospital provided the resources to administer the vaccines.

News Center 7 talked with the district’s superintendent about why the district is not planning to require the vaccine.

Dayton Children’s held a COVID-19 vaccine clinic on Monday morning at Brookville Schools. Supt. Tim Hopkins said the district is not encouraging or discouraging the vaccine. It’s all about convenience for parents.

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“A lot of our parents work in Dayton so to come home, pack up the kids and go back to a doctor’s appointments or a Dayton vaccine clinic, it’s just tough, time-wise. So, we’re local, we’re here and it’s an easy in and an easy out,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins said when they took Dayton Children’s up on their offer to hold a vaccine clinic at the school, he got comments on both ends of the spectrum.

“I’ve had parents who called me before the clinic was set up asking if we would provide it and if a clinic would be provided. I’ve had other parents indicated they’re against this and not for children being vaccinated,” he said.

That is why Hopkins said the district made it clear, they are not planning to require the COVID-19 vaccine for students.

Hopkins said, “I’m not sure, as a district, it’s our lane to make a decision on whether children should be vaccinated or not. We think this is a personal decision you have to make. We’re just providing the service.”

Of the 90 appointments that were available, more than 30 students signed up to receive the vaccine.

Hopkins said it wasn’t about the number of students who wanted the vaccine, but to have more easy access to get it.

“The thing for us is not whether it’s 30 or 300, it was just to offer the opportunity,” he said.

Students who received the vaccine today will get their second dose on June 14.

Kayla Courvell

Kayla Courvell

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