Multiple heat-related illnesses reported at Gem City Shine

Paramedics busy during Gem City Shine

Reports of heat-related illnesses have been coming in from Gem City Shine, some have even been taken to the emergency room, said Doctor Randy Marriott, emergency physician at Miami Valley Hospital.

A combination of factors has led to such illness including not dressing for the weather, the density of people in front of the stage, lack of hydration and not moving around, he said.

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Some are dressed in full length black clothing causing them to overheat while others choose not to move around fearing they will lose their spot.

The Miami Valley emergency room doctors are teaming up with the Dayton Fire Department to go into the concert and get any individuals in need of medical help out of the concert area.

Medics take the patients to their first aid tent and treat them. If they do not need to go to the emergency room, crews help the patients recover so they can return to the concert, Marriott said.