Entertainment Tonight hosts working from home

Like just about everyone else in America, the staff of Entertainment Tonight is working from home because of social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Host Nischelle Turner talked to WHIO from her kitchen in Los Angeles, where she has also recorded interviews this week with The Late Late Show host James Corden, from his garage, and singer-songwriter Jon Bon Jovi, who talked to her from the comfort of his study.

Turner said the ET crew has “worked so hard and so tirelessly over this last week” to figure out how to shoot, write, and edit all the pieces that go into each show, as well as broadcast live, from their homes.

The first “all from home” ET show hit the air Monday night. Turner said, “I almost felt like a kid on Christmas. I was sitting in front of the television watching to make sure we got this show on the air and we did!”

Turner said, “Celebrities are going through the same exact thing that everybody else is.” She said Corden is doing his nightly show from his garage, while teaching his kids math during the day.

She said Bon Jovi believed his son had the coronavirus, so he and his wife dealt with caring for their son while trying to keep themselves healthy.

As tough as it is, “We’re going to embrace this self-isolating, social distancing” and bring people the celebrity news that serves as a release from pandemic news.

Entertainment Tonight has been on CBS since September, 1981. Its Executive Producer, Erin Johnson, is from Sidney and interned at WHIO during college.

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