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The only Harley-Davidson my wife would ever let me ride

Every few years, almost like clockwork, I go through a phase where I start thinking I need want a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I think every guy goes through this phase at some point in their life. It’s almost like a right of passage for the American male.

I have friends who ride, or have ridden in the past. I can just imagine the feeling of freedom and exhilaration it gives the rider. To me, I think it would be like starring in your own Bruce Springsteen music video. So American! It’s cool, like Fonzie.

But the moment these sentiments start dripping from my mouth, my wife is there to push them back down into my throat. Effortlessly, she lays down the law and reminds me how distracted and lackadaisical I can become while driving a car. And how it wouldn’t be a matter of if, but rather when, I would hurt myself.

And she’s right. I have no business on a motorcycle. Too much power for me to get into trouble with.

BUT, there’s hope for people like me and we have Harley-Davidson to thank.

The iconic motorcycle company has revealed the first photos of a new bike. Rather, an ebike.

Their Serial 1 electric bicycle is slated to come out the first part of 2021 and has a top speed of 20 or 28 mph (depending on state ebike regulations.)

No word on how much it will cost but in my opinion, it might be worth every penny. I think it looks fantastic and it might be a real gamechanger for today’s ebikes.

Finally, I’ll be able to safely ride (and afford) and Harley. So look out for my outlaw biker gang of peddle pushers.

You’ll know it’s us by our logoed helmets, matching club windbreakers and reflective pantleg clips.

Todd Hollst

Todd Hollst

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