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Breakdancing to become Olympic sport

The International Olympic Committee has announced that competitive breakdancing will be a sport at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

I’ll admit, I got caught up in the breakdancing craze of the early 80s. I remember those goofy movies Breakin and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. and walking around the neighborhood with my boom box blarring.

The whole breakdancing scene was a lot of fun, especially at school dances when all the breakin’ kids would dance and the other students would form a circle around them. I remember stepping into the circle once or twice but I wasn’t very good. But, I dressed the part. LOL

So, for all my crew from back in the day. the time to start training for 2024 is now.

And who knew there were rules for breakdancing? The USA Breaking Committee says preparation for the Olympic games has involved creating a “Break Dancing rulebook, a uniform way of scoring, and making sure all athletes are brought through the system as any Olympic athlete would be.”

For me, there’s only one rule for breakdancing: NO pop locking unless you truly mean it. The guy in the video below is amazing!

Todd Hollst

Todd Hollst

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