Put on a coat and head outside to spot Jupiter and Saturn this weekend

It might be chilly the next few nights but it is worth getting outside to find some planets in the night sky!

Saturn and Jupiter will be near the crescent moon and easy to spot.

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Friday night and Sunday night will feature clear skies so head out around sunset. Look to the south/southwest sky around 7PM Friday to find the thin crescent moon.

When you find the moon, look to the left of it and you will see Saturn! If you look to the bottom right of the moon near the horizon, you can find Jupiter before it sets.

The set-up is similar Saturday except that Saturn will be to the right of the moon. By Sunday the moon will be further away and remember, Daylight Saving Time will have ended so Sunday night look around 6PM.

You will know they are planets and not stars because they won't twinkle.