Sold: ‘Stranger Things’ home in Georgia sells for nearly double asking price

The home used as the Byers’ residence in “Stranger Things” will soon have a new owner.

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Someone has entered a contract to buy the Georgia home used as the home base for Will, Joyce and Jonathan Byers in the hit Netflix series.

The Wall Street Journal reported that 25 offers were made with the winning bid nearly two times the original $300,000 asking price.

Katie Siplon of TriCounty Real Estate in Savannah, Georgia, told Cox Media Group’s National Content Desk via email that her client is an investor client from Portland, Oregon, who plans to close the deal in a couple of weeks. Siplon said the winning bidder, his children, his nieces and nephews are all “huge fans of the show.”

TriCounty will also manage the property after the sale is closed.

The property once it is rehabbed to look like the setting of the first season of “Stranger Things” will be offered on Airbnb. The new owner also plans to bring other notable locations from the show to life on the 6-acre property.

The new owners hope to have everything ready before the holidays but since Halloween is only a few weeks away, they are planning to create a “Stranger Things Haunted Forest” and a tour of the house the week of Halloween, Siplon said.