Group takes shelter from Richmond storms in Applebee’s

Group takes shelter from Richmond storms in Applebee’s

Damon McGhee, of Union City, Ohio, was in the Applebee’s in Richmond when the area was struck by heavy storms last night, and spoke about taking cover in the restaurant to News Center 7’s Sean Cudahy.

“It just all happened so quick, we were just eating, it started getting windy,” he said.

>>National Weather Service to conduct survey on Richmond storm damage

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He looked outside and saw that a GMC pickup truck in the parking lot was being moved by the wind.

“It scooted the front end over and that scooted a car across the parking lot,” he said.

Then, McGhee said, a “guy opens the door, ran in, was beating on the doors, so they let him in, yelled there’s a tornado coming,” so everyone in the restaurant went into the kitchen to take cover.

The man said that he had a shoulder injury when he came in, and workers called for an ambulance.

The power turned off, back on, and then off again.

Speaking about the storm, McGhee said, “If that’s like a real weak tornado, even like an ef0 some sort, I can’t imagine what Dayton went through.” He is referring to the EF4 tornado which struck Dayton on Memorial Day.

“I couldn’t really go to bed last night because my adrenaline was up,” he said.