Six days of silence as Trump refuses to concede

President Donald Trump made no comments to the White House press corps for a sixth straight day on Wednesday, still pressing his case via social media that he is the rightful winner in 2020, even as his court challenges have produced almost nothing in terms of actionable evidence of election fraud which could overturn the lead of President-Elect Joe Biden.

At the White House, President Trump was clearly watching cable news, as he criticized a Republican city commissioner in Philadelphia, who was on CNN ridiculing the idea of massive election fraud.

“He refuses to look at a mountain of corruption & dishonesty,” the President tweeted about Al Schmidt, as Mr. Trump ridiculed the Philadelphia commissioner as a ‘RINO.’

But no matter his party, Schmidt says there was no evidence in the City of Brotherly Love of some kind of grand conspiracy against the President.

The President has not spoken before television cameras since last Thursday night.

But as lawyers for the Trump Campaign argued there was clearly fraud in cities like Philadelphia and Detroit, the actual vote counting numbers showed the President actually did better in those two cities than in 2016.

In a Pennsylvania court, a judge point-blank asked a lawyer for Republicans if they were alleging vote fraud.

The answer? No.

“Are you claiming that there is any undue or improper influence upon the elector with respect to these 592 ballots?” asked the judge.

“To my knowledge at present, no,” the Trump lawyer responded.

At this point, more leaders of foreign nations have called to congratulate Biden on his victory than the number of GOP Senators who acknowledged the outcome.

Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania went over 50,000 votes on Wednesday, as counting of final ballots continued.

That’s larger than the final margin for President Trump in 2016, when he won the Keystone State by 44,292 votes.

Trump’s other close victories included Michigan by 10,704, and Wisconsin by 22,748.

Biden’s leads by over 14,000 votes in Georgia and Arizona, and close to 40,000 in Nevada.

While Georgia will conduct a full recount, even if that state flipped to President Trump, he would still lose the election.

Jamie Dupree

Jamie Dupree, CMG Washington News Bureau

Radio News Director of the Washington Bureau