Biden forges ahead with transition without Trump

With his leads growing in a series of key swing states, Joe Biden on Tuesday continued to lay claim to the mantel of President-Elect, brushing off the refusal of President Trump to acknowledge defeat, and the refusal of the Trump Administration to help in a transition to a new President.

“We don’t see anything that’s slowing us down, quite frankly,” Biden told reporters in Delaware, as he downplayed the lack of help from President Trump over the transition.

“It would be nice to have it, but it’s not critical,” Biden added.

The toughest words from Biden came when directly asked about Mr. Trump’s refusal to concede defeat.

“I just think it’s an embarrassment,” Biden said. “I just think it will not help the President’s legacy.”

On Capitol Hill, most Republicans continued to ignore vote totals which showed Biden adding even more to his advantage in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada - while staying ahead in Arizona.

Biden is currently on course to receive 306 Electoral Votes - exactly what President Trump tallied in 2016, a total which the President often incorrectly labeled a ‘massive landslide victory.’

Top Republicans hinted they would wait into December to consider the race for President settled.

“At some point, we’ll find out finally, who was certified to win each of these states,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who also talked about waiting until Electoral Votes are tallied by the states just before Christmas.

Biden said he thinks GOP lawmakers are cowering in fear of attacks form the President.

GOP lawmakers continued to circulate broad accusations of election irregularities, without any specific details of what supposedly went wrong.

Eight Republican U.S. House members from Georgia demanded in a letter that the GOP Secretary of State in Georgia start a broad review of possible wrongdoing, citing illegal voting, dead people voting, and illegal vote counting.

But there was no detail from Georgia Republicans, who continued to stick with the broad accusations leveled by the President.

Jamie Dupree

Jamie Dupree, CMG Washington News Bureau

Radio News Director of the Washington Bureau