Mass vaccination clinic held at Centerville HS for teachers, school workers

CENTERVILLE, Ohio — The first large-scale school employee vaccination clinic is happening today in Centerville and it involves several local school districts.

This is the first step of meeting Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s goal of getting all Ohio students back into the classroom by March 1.

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News Center 7 spent the morning talking with teachers and administrators about taking the protective shots and what it cold lead to.

The clinic is being held at Centerville High School and there are 1,700 doses of the Pfizer vaccine to given out.

Teachers, guards, coaches and office workers are just some of the people getting their vaccination shot at the high school. The clinic involves a total of 10 independent, Catholic and private schools.

However, the overwhelming number of people receiving the vaccine are from Centerville or Oakwood schools. The two respective superintendents each led the way.

They told us that each district has better than 80 percent of eligible employees sign up to be vaccinated.

Oakwood Schools first grade teacher Elizabeth Mohr said, “Oh, I think it’s terrific. We’ve been waiting for this. It offers protection. I can stay in my classroom and it offers my family protection at home. So, it was never a question for me.” She continued to say, “I think it just keeps my class in session. When I have to leave, obviously that’s a big challenge and for first graders, remote learning is a challenge, so the more I can stay in the classroom, the better.”

The clinic also involves several other smaller schools. News Center 7 learned that several more vaccination clinics will be held in the next week.