Wind gusts up to 60 mph expected Thursday; ways to keep safe at home, on the road

BEAVERCREEK — High winds and rain is expected to make its way through the Miami Valley Thursday.

They are steps people can take to protect themselves as the system rolls through.

Mary Ann Kabel, director of corporate communications at AES, said crews are prepared for power outages Thursday— and you should be too.

Kabel said AES Ohio will be fully staffed Thursday.

This includes dispatchers, line crews and vegetation crews — people who cut down trees when they fall or get caught up in downed lines.

>> Rain, wind arrives tonight; High Wind Warning in effect Thursday with gusts up to 60 mph

Kabel said you and your family should have a plan if you lose power and create a kit with essentials.

Essentials like batteries, flashlights, water, cash, and medication.

People can also use the AES app to report outages and get updates on when outages will be restored.

>>Strong winds can make driving hazardous

High winds can make it more difficult for crews to repair power poles so Kabel asked the public to be patient.

Winds can also make things more difficult for people on the road, especially for high-profile vehicles like semi-trailers.

Tom Milby, safety director at the trucking company Home Run Inc. said while it’s not easy to push over a loaded semi it’s still possible.

“Usually if it’s sustained winds that are going to push that semi-truck over, but you can get a gust of wind and push it over. That’s usually on empty semis. A loaded semi weighing 80,000 pounds, its really hard to push that trailer over but it could,” Milby said.

For more tips on how to stay safe in high winds visit here.

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