What’s Trending: Bengals see social media boost

DAYTON — It’s just days away; the Bengals will be playing in their first Super Bowl for the first time in 30 years.

The last time the Bengals played in the Super Bowl texting didn’t exist, or social media.

Who Dey Nation’s excitement is building and it’s no more apparent than online.

The Bengals have been getting a ton of praise recently for their use of social media.

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They have been using their own hashtags that have been used by people across the country such as #RuleItAll, #RuletheJungle and of course #WHODEY.

They are tweeting, posting pictures to Instagram, are all over Tik Tok and have been posting hype-up videos of their players as well as fans almost every day.

The team created their social media account in 2009 and have had a decent following, but nothing like they are seeing now.

Since the Bengals began the first round of playoffs, the follower count on all of their platforms has shot up.

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In the past 30 days, the Bengals’ Twitter account has gained over 110,000 new followers — over a 500 percent increase.

In that same time frame, the team has tweeted over 800 times which is around 44 percent higher than usual.

The players on their own social pages have been posting a lot and interacting with fans.

The last two photos Joe Burrow has shared on Instagram have received over 2.4 million likes in total.

Burrow has a few of his own hashtags ranging from his name to #JoeCool , #JoeBRRR, #JoeSheisty and even #JoeyFranchise.

The numbers the Bengals are pulling currently could be small in only a few months.

Social Blade, a website that monitors social media accounts, predicts that within the next 60 days the Bengals will have over 300,000 more followers than now.

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