‘What a miracle;’ Greene co. woman reunited with missing dog 10 years later

WILBERFORCE — After a decade, an area woman has been reunited with her missing dog.

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In an exclusive interview, News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott met Abby and her owner who are now back together.

Abby is now home safe with her owner Diana Hart, who never thought she would see her pup again.

“Abby was super wiggly and excited to see her family after all that time,” Kara Hamby, a spokesperson for Montgomery County Animal Resource Center said. “This is the kind of story that makes you know, everything that we do worth it.

Hamby was there when Abby was reunited with her owner Diana Hart.

Abby was only 2 years old when Hart last saw her, now she’s 12.

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“My best hope was that somebody fell in love with her,” Hart said. “My worst fear was that somebody had her for all the wrong reasons.”

She was left wondering what happened to her precious dog until one day she got a call from the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.

“I said ‘What are we talking about?’ and she said ‘Your dog Abby’ and I couldn’t even talk. It took my breath away,” Hart said.

A Dayton police officer found Abby and brought her to the shelter.

“This little white bag of bones just huddled up in the back. I said ‘That’s Abby’ and as soon as I said her name she heard my voice and tried to get up. She made one final launch into my lap. I kept thinking ‘Wow what a miracle,” Hart said.

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A miracle that nearly didn’t happen.

“Less than a month before that I thought about turning her chip off,” Hart said.

Her decision to leave the chip on is how Abby made it back home.

“You’ve got a chance of getting your loved one back and making your family complete again,” Hart said.

She is working on getting Abby complete again since no one knows what she has been through for the past 10 years.

But Abby is getting stronger, and still the same loveable dog Hart remembers.

“She’s now learned to play again, she will now chase a ball she sleeps a lot she runs she jumps and she is so happy,” she said.

Hart said she is forever grateful that she did not turn off Abby’s chip and that she is back home where she will be forever.

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