What the Cedar Fair-Six Flags merger could mean for future of Kings Island

MASON — A better look into the future of a popular local theme park.

News Center 7 previously reported that Cedar Fair, which owns Kings Island and Cedar Point, is merging with Six Flags.

Many wondered what this would mean for Kings Island.

For the near future, the answer is nothing.

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The deal isn’t expected to close until sometime next year, meaning park passes and prices should stay the same until then.

The new company will have the most monstrous all-park season pass.

You’ll be able to get a season pass to not only get you to King’s Island, but get you in Six Flags over in Georgia, or Six Flags over in Texas, and vice versa.

Passholders could get into all 27 parks in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The newly formed company has a new combined worth of nearly $8 billion.

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