‘We have nothing to hide;’ Local smoke shop fights back after accused of illegally selling marijuana

TROTWOOD — Nearly 100 items were seized from a local smoke shop after it was accused of illegally selling marijuana — but now, the shop is fighting back with legal action.

As reported on News Center 7 at 5:30 p.m., Last month, Trotwood police showed up to search Goldwasser smoke shop.

“There was no warning, no anything, they just busted the windows. They took our money, they cut our camera now so we couldn’t watch what they were doing and took a bunch of products,” Adam Seaton, manager at Goldwasser Smoke and Vape Shop said.

Seaton has been the manager at Goldwasser for two years.

When police showed up in April they took almost 70 times with them.

The search warrant affidavit said in December two police informants went into Goldwasser and bought suspected marijuana.

Documents said when field tested it tested positive for THC.

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The second informant went inside, and asked for a worker named “Adam” to “give them the high-quality stuff.”

Two pieces of that marijuana were sent to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations for an analysis that found it contained marijuana.

“At any time Trotwood can come in during business hours, we have nothing to hide from them,” Seaton said.

Court documents detail the items seized from the business in April — several kinds of guns, surveillance cameras, cash, suspected marijuana, ammo, and magazines.

Seaton said the business is taking legal action.

In a letter addressed to Trotwood from an attorney representing Goldwasser asks for an in-person meeting to clear up the “misunderstandings” and “false accusations.”

It alleges no marijuana has been sold at the Goldwasser business and that a “botched investigation” led to the seizure.

“We obey all federal, state, and Indian tribal laws,” Seaton said.

He said they are still open every day, but many of their customers are hesitant to come by.

“We get a lot of phone calls, people are ‘Are we going to jail for shopping here?’”

Trotwood police said they cannot comment as this is an ongoing investigation.

News Center 7 will continue to follow this story.

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