Washington Twp. residents concerned about construction of cell tower

WASHINGTON TWP. — Construction is underway for a 100-foot cell tower in a Washington Twp. neighborhood and residents are concerned about how it will affect their properties.

One woman said the tower will be right outside of her bedroom window and is concerned it will lower the value of her home.

Neighbors said they had no idea the tower was coming. They woke up one day and saw construction crews in their neighbor’s yard.

Township members said they can’t contest the tower because the land is zoned as agricultural under Ohio Revised Code and it predates the updated code that allows for more control.

The owner of the property gave the contractor permission to build on the land and township was notified last May.

Leslie Walker, a resident for 20 years who also owns a business in the area, said she’s afraid a tower could make all her hard work a waste.

“It’s heartbreaking and it’s sickening to have worked so hard for so many years to have someone take 20 percent of the value of your home and put your health at risk,” she said.

Neighbors said they are going to continue to fight the issue, but the tower could be finished in as quickly as one week.