Vectren restores service after tornadoes cause outages

MIAMI VALLEY — UPDATE @10:30 a.m. (June 4)

Vectren customers who lost natural gas in the Memorial Day tornadoes have had service restored.

For relights, contact Vectren at 1-800-227-1376

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UPDATE @ 11:10. (June 1):

Vectren crews are continuing to make progress after more than a dozen tornadoes hit the Miami County, resulting in outages in multiple communities.


Tornadoes impacted a total 765 meters in the Trotwood area. Due to significant damage, 650 meters will remain off until until more extensive repairs are completed. Vectren does not have a timeline for those repairs, however, the remaining meters are eligible for relights. Contact Vectren to have your meter relit.


The majority of the 545 meters that were effected by tornadoes are able to be used, according to a Vectren official. Relights of those systems are being done Friday.


While 160 customers were affected, meters are ready to be relit. Please contact Vectren for relights.


Of the 300 meters affected, 100 will remain off until extensive repairs are completed. Relights in Brookville have already been complete, according to Vectren.


Around 2,050 customers are without gas in Harrison Twp. as crews work to purge the system to prepare for relights. Of those customers, Vectren plans to relights about 1,700 meters. The remaining meters will stay off due to damage.


Vectren officials said repair crews have made “good progress” over the last 36 hours following the Memorial Day tornadoes, however several communities continue to be impacted by outages.

Vectren said they are in an all-hands-on-deck situation.


Vectren reported 765 meters are currently turned off in the Trotwood area as Vectren’s crews work to assess each meter individually.  At the moment, it appears as though the “good majority” of the meters that are currently off will have to remain off until more extensive repairs can be made.

Vectren said more extensive repairs will take an undetermined amount of time.


Vectren reported 2,050 customers are without gas service and the township is an area where Vectren will be primarily focusing on the required and requested disconnects of service.

Vectren is conducting a comprehensive look at each individual customer’s meters to determine whether repairs are possible or if more extensive repairs will be required.


Vectren expects to re-energize the system in the area, where 545 meters were damaged during the tornadoes.  Those meters have been repaired.

Vectren will contact customers on an individual basis if the customer is needed to assist Vectren as part of the re-lighting process.

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