Union chief for Greater Dayton RTA workers set strike date of Jan. 1

RTA CEO, riders prepare for union strike

DAYTON — UPDATE FRIDAY 3:12 P.M: RTA drivers have voted to strike Jan. 1, but the union’s president said he hopes the company will sit down and hammer something out before then.

The union has authorized Glenn Salyer, president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1385, to proceed with the necessary written notice to the state and to the RTA as required by state law in order to strike.

No meetings are schedule with the RTA to settle the contract issues, the union said in a statement.

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“With the deepest concern for our riders the members has delayed the use of a strike as the members voted not to go on strike during the month of December, out of respect for our riders and the holidays

However the decision to strike is the last tool option. The union members did request the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority to enter into binding arbitration to avoid a strike and this offer has been rejected by Mark Donaghy CEO of RTA,” the statement reads.

UPDATE THURSDAY: The union representing Greater Dayton RTA bus drivers has set a strike date, which the union president said will be announced Friday.

“The members have had enough,” Glenn Salyer, president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1385, said to the Dayton City Commission at its regular meeting Wednesday night. “A strike date has been set.”

A driver of a Project Mobility bus, who said she has 15 years’ on the job, also addressed the commission.

“I don’t like to think I have to go on strike,” the driver said. “My sisters and brothers in the union came to you today to say, ‘please, listen to us,’ “

“We’re trying to avoid a strike. We’re trying to think about our clients…. It’s come to a point where we’ve have finally said, hey! Enough is enough.”