Thousands across the Miami Valley experience once-in-lifetime total solar eclipse

DAYTON — From Dayton to Bellefontaine thousands stood in awe as they watched the moon completely block the sun Monday afternoon.

As reported on News Center 7 at 11, children at Boonshoft Museum in Dayton cheered as the total solar eclipse happened.

“It turned pitch black we couldn’t see nothing, it was a black hole,” Imani said.

The sky came alive when day looked more like night.

>> PHOTOS: Total solar eclipse passes through the Miami Valley

Those who saw an eclipse before said this one surpassed their expectations.

“It was fantastic,” Jason Barber of Columbus said.

“It was amazing,” Ceridwen Hopely said. “it was worth the trip from Philadelphia.”

They weren’t the only ones from out of state.

“Oh my god it was so amazing, I came here all the way from LA,” Farrah West said.

She said she could not have chosen a better spot.

The only worry some had was the traffic going home.

“We’re going back to Columbus, we got a hotel and then we’re going to treck the last eight hours. Hopefully, we get them back in school by Tuesday or Wednesday,” Ceridwen said

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