‘That chair is my livelihood;’ Riverside man says wheelchair was stolen, destroyed

RIVERSIDE — A man who is paraplegic said a wheelchair he uses ended up in a scrap yard.

Corey Cox is used to getting around with his power chair, which he calls his “livelihood.”

“To be active, to be out, to be involved, I need that chair. It just helps with everyday life,” Cox told News Center 7′s Brandon Lewis.

His life has become a lot harder in the past few days, on Saturday he said he left his power chair in his driveway while he ran a quick errand.

When he came back the chair was nowhere to be found.

“It just killed me because I spent a lot of time and money to get that chair,” he said.

In a police report filed by Cox, it states a man identified as a scrapper called Riverside Police Department on Tuesday and told them he thought the mobility scooter was trash.

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The man said he took it to Franklin Iron and Metal in Dayton where the chair was destroyed, according to the report.

“It’s a real setback, I can’t earn money anymore, I can’t even take my trash out or bring it up,” Cox said.

Riverside police told News Center 7 that the scrapper named in the police report is a person of interest, his name is not released as he has not been charged yet.

Cox said he hopes the man is charged but what matters more to him is being able to have a fully functioning chair again.

He said he missed out on 3 days worth of wages because he cannot work.

“Getting that chair back or getting a replacement chair is really important to my mobility or being able to be a productive member of society,” he said.

News Center 7 has reached out to the scrap yard the chair was allegedly taken to.