Remove photo of student in apparent blackface from store, UD students ask

UPDATE @ 11:38 p.m.: A store located near the University of Dayton campus has some students upset over a photo they are calling racist.

The “Lowe’s Street Deli,” which sells alcohol and other small items, has a picture of a student taken several years ago in what some are calling blackface.

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“You can obviously assume how offensive that can be to black students that have worked hard to construct and build this university,” said Gabe Gaiusbayode, UD student and president of Black Action Through Unity. “To have something like that that’s a staple and highlighted in the store is extremely offensive and hurts.”

Students have asked for the store to take down the picture, but the store has refused.

A representative of The Deli told News Center 7 the picture will not be removed because it’s oil on the person’s face, not blackface.

The Deli is located in UD’s student neighborhood, but is privately owned and not affiliated with the university.

Wednesday afternoon, the university issued the following statement:

The University is aware of the photo, which members of our community find hurtful and upsetting. Representatives of the University have approached the owner about its impact on the community and asked the owner to consider removing it. And while the University prefers the photo not be on display, the privately owned business, which is unaffiliated with the University, has exercised its right to leave it up. We appreciate and support all members of the UD community who engage in thoughtful and civil discussions regarding issues important to them.