Student wins car in 10th annual ‘In It To Win It’ event

DAYTON — A Ponitz Career Technology Center student won a free car in the tenth annual “In IT To Win It” event.

Tori Hugee, a junior at Ponitz CTC on the Cosmetology path won a refurbished 2009 Pontiac G6.

The car was completely refurbished, repaired, and detailed by Ponitz automotive pathway students.

She also received a certificate for free driver’s education classes.

“I still don’t believe that this happened,” Hugee said. “I’m only 17, and I got my first car. I’m very proud of that. All it took was good grades and perfect attendance.”

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The “In It To Win It” event is an annual raffle held for Ponitz students, according to a spokesperson for the school district.

Students earn tickets for making the Honor Roll or for having perfect attendance each quarter. At most, a student can earn 8 tickets per year.

Those tickets are entered into a drawing for the car and other prizes at the end of the year. This year, other prizes included TVs, iPads, gift cards, speakers, and more.

The first four juniors and seniors who have their names drawn at the event pick a key that may or may not starts the car.

Once all the other prizes have been raffled off, the four students take turns trying to start the car with their keys, The student who successfully starts the car is the winner.

“The purpose of the event is to encourage students to attend school every day and prioritize their academics,” A spokesperson for the school district said.

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