Steve Rauch Inc. ordered to pay fine after guilty plea in federal fraud case

DAYTON — A federal judge ordered the trucking business Steve Rauch Inc. to pay a $15,000 fine for its role in a federal fraud case.

Steve Rauch Inc., founded and owned by the man the company is named for, and Green Star Trucking Inc., owned by ex-Trotwood mayor Joyce Cameron, were indicted in 2019 on the charge of conspiring to commit mail fraud.

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Federal investigators accused the two companies of submitting false paperwork in 2014 to the City of Dayton for demolition contract payments.

“According to court documents, Steve Rauch, Inc. accepted a contract with the city that required the company to sub-contract a set portion of the work to a certified disadvantaged business – for example a small business, a woman-owned business, etc. In this instance, the certified disadvantaged business was Green Star Trucking, Inc.,” the U.S. Department of Justice said.

“Steve Rauch, Inc., knowing it had not satisfied the requirements on its demolition project, contacted Green Star and asked that Green Star falsely certify it had completed and been paid for several thousand dollars’ worth of additional work on the project.”

Federal investigators said Green Star Trucking agreed and signed the false paperwork.

Rauch, Cameron, and her husband James were all initially charged in the case as well. However, upon the sentencing of the two corporations, the federal charges against the individuals will be dismissed, a DOJ spokesperson told News Center 7.

Green Star Trucking Inc. is scheduled for sentencing April 14.