Springfield woman disputes reports she was in on plan to arrest Gov. DeWine

COLUMBUS — A former write-in candidate for Governor went to the Ohio Statehouse to “set the record straight” after a flurry of media coverage world-wide about a plan to arrest Gov. Mike DeWine at his home in Cedarville.

When the story first broke Friday afternoon, it sounded like a serious threat to the Governor and the Ohio State Highway Patrol launched an investigation, but then today the woman at the center of it stepped forward.

>> OSHP, Piqua Police investigating claims a group wanted to arrest DeWine for tyranny

Renea Turner, of Springfield, said she wanted to set the record straight after a police report named her as being involved in a plot against DeWine. The UK Daily Mail even carried the story, which News Center 7 first told you about Friday, including a video of Turned taking the oath of Office as Governor, claiming DeWine violated his oath to protect the Constitution.

It followed a summer of protests at the statehouse from Turner and other people charging DeWine with tyranny. A Michigan group with links to Ohio is charged with plotting violence against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for the same reasons. Then, State Rep. John Becker (R-Clermont County) posted a video saying he heard about a plot against DeWine.

Now, Turner says Becker got it all wrong, that she only wanted to give DeWine a piece of paper, a written notice that he violated his oath. She says she never intended to hurt him.

She claims DeWine’s actions on COVID-19 violated people’s constitutional rights.

Turner ran for Governor as a write-in candidate in 2018. Her Facebook page is filled with political photos, including one with DeWine and another with Vice President Mike Pence.

She now thinks someone needs to step up and peacefully take the reins of government and lead Ohio in the right direction.

Turner said the Ohio State Highway Patrol did talk with her several days ago and state troopers told News Center 7 they opened an investigation, but declined to comment further.