Snow day good for business after weather-related challenges at Mad River Mountain

LOGAN COUNTY — Mad River Mountain in Logan County is celebrating it’s 60th year this year, but the lack of snow this season has wiped out the ability to hit the slopes for many people.

Despite the lack of snow from Mother Nature this season, snowmakers at Mad River Mountain try to keep a consistent blanket of snow the slopes.

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“Operating a ski area in the Midwest can definitely have its challenges coming due to weather,” Larry Kuebler, Mad River Mountain general manager said.

Kuebler and others at Mad River Mountain were hopeful for snow Wednesday morning, but it ended up transitioning to rain during the day. It was also too warm for the team to make snow Wednesday.

“It looks like tomorrow night, Thursday evening, we’ll be able to make snow along with the natural snow that’s coming in,” he told News Center 7.

News Center 7 talked to the owner of Valleywood Ski and Snowboard Shop in Dayton ahead of the snow and rain who said the recent snow has been good for business.

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“The Dayton area has a lot of people that travel. The area’s Mad and Perfect North have done a fantastic job getting open early and maintaining, you know, through some pretty rough weather,” Yuri Freudenschuss said.

Regardless of the drizzly weather, people couldn’t stay away and came out to hit the slopes Wednesday.

“The mountain’s not bad, just the rain kind of sucks,” Damian Bruns, of Fort Loramie, said. “But we can bear it out.”

Mad River Mountain closes mid-March so there’s plenty of time to get out and hit the slopes. More information can be found here.