Sheriff’s office warns of scammers pretending to be drug, human trafficking cartel

GREENE COUNTY — The Greene County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a scam targeting the community.

The sheriff’s office said scammers are calling residents pretending to be a drug or human trafficking cartel and saying they have a family member in their custody.

They may even use social media to find the name of a family member to make their claim sound more legitimate.

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The scammers then ask for money or to even meet up in person.

The sheriff’s office is advising residents to hang up the phone and report the scam to their local law enforcement agency.

Here are tips from the Federal Trade Commission on how to stop calls from scammers:

  • Hang up
  • Consider call blocking or call labeling
  • Don’t trust your caller ID

Learn more about unwanted calls and what to do about them at ftc.gov/calls.