Sgt. Mark Bowron, longtime WHIO’s traffic reporter, steps aside for new adventures

DAYTON — WHIO-TV is celebrating the man who’s been telling us where to go for years now.

Sgt. Mark Bowron is a household name, thanks to his traffic reports on News Center 7′s Daybreak and on WHIO Radio.

News Center 7′s Letitia Perry talked with Bowron to find out more about his recent detour and where he’s headed next.

He’s been the voice of the road since 1984.

“It goes from everything’s great to completely stopped in a matter of a second,” Bowron said.

He’s walked the halls of the WHIO studios for nearly four decades.

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During the morning and afternoon commutes, drivers around the Miami Valley have depended on Bowron for real-time updates to traffic.

He’s been warning us about accidents, road closures, delays, construction, and detours for many decades.

From traffic reporting from an airplane to the nearly 100 reports a day in the traffic studio, thanks to technology.

We see him every morning on News Center 7′s Daybreak, but there’s a lot about Bowron you probably don’t know. He was sworn-in as a Dayton police officer in 1978 and had several beats such as road patrol, crime stoppers, public information officer, missing juvenile investigator and supervisor of the Police Communications Bureau.

After 25 years of service, he retired from Dayton Police as a police sergeant.

“Being out on the roads, knowing the streets is a big part of it,” Bowron said.

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Speaking of beats, Bowron is also known for his music. He’s an accomplished musician, playing guitar and keyboards.

He’s a talented man and family man. He’s been married to his wife, Maxine, for 47 years. They have two kids, Amy and John, and grandson, Braxton.

“I did have a medical issue back in October and fortunately, it didn’t cause any kind of aftereffects,” Bowron said. “I do have a lot more time to spend with my wife and grandkids.”

Now, this accomplished lawman, traffic man, musician and family man is turning the page again. After almost 40 years, he’s stepping away from TV and radio to work less and focus more on the other parts of his life.

“I’ve worked in police work; that’s stressful. I work weird hours; that’s stressful. Its just one of those things I’ve got to pull back on for my own well-being,” Bowron said,

The WHIO family has missed him over the last few months helping us to get to and from, telling us where to and where not to go and getting around traffic jams safely.

But we know there are new journeys ahead and we wish Sgt. Mark Bowron all the best in his new adventures and travels.