Police: OnStar leads Moraine officers to truck reported stolen; 4 taken into custody

MORAINE — Four people were taken into custody after a truck was stolen in Moraine Monday morning.

According to Sgt. Andrew Parish with the Moraine Police Department, around 9 a.m. officers began investigating the report of a vehicle that had just been stolen from a driveway on Amelia Way in Moraine.

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The reported stolen truck was equipped with OnStar, so police were able to track its location, Parish said.

With the vehicle owner’s assistance, officers were able to contact OnStar and begin to track the location of the stolen truck. Within a matter of minutes, the truck was tracked by GPS coordinates as it traveled South from the City of Dayton and back towards Moraine on Interstate 75, Parish said.

The truck exited at Dryden Rd. and traveled North on Arbor Bl. before turning South on State Route 741. Police were able to make a visual confirmation on the truck as it turned and traveled East on W. Dorothy Lane, according to Parish. The truck continued Eastbound on W. Dorothy Ln. across S. Dixie Dr. and then South on Southern Blvd.

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Parish says OnStar disabled the truck’s ability to accelerate and gradually slowed it to a stop. As the truck turned onto Belvoir Av., the driver and three passengers bailed from it and began running through the neighborhood.

In the process of chasing after the individuals, Parish says the truck continued to roll forward and struck the rear of a Moraine Police cruiser, causing minor damage to both vehicles. No injuries were reported.

After several minutes of pursuing the passengers on foot and searching through the neighborhood, all four of them were captured and arrested, according to Parish.

Parish says the suspects were identified as minors, while the driver, who was armed with a loaded handgun when he was captured, was identified as an 18-year old man.

The minors were incarcerated in the Juvenile Detention Center pending felony charges, while the adult male was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on a preliminary charge of Grand Theft Auto.