Ohio boy tests positive for methamphetamine after trick-or-treating

GALION — A 5-year-old Ohio boy reportedly tested positive for methamphetamine after trick-or-treating in Galion Sunday.

The boy was playing with plastic vampire teeth he got while trick-or-treating when he had a seizure, according to news partner WBNS-10TV in Columbus.

He was taken to an area hospital, where doctors said his urine tested positive for meth.

The boy is recovering and expected to make a full recovery, but his parents — and police — are trying to figure out how meth got into the boy’s system.

“We currently have an open case in reference to a question as to whether there was some candy given out in Galion that may have been ‘laced’ with something,” read the Galion Police Department’s Facebook page on Sunday.

Police reportedly collected the boy’s candy and sent it to a crime lab for testing.

“Please check your children’s candy that was received today while trick or treating,” read a second Galion police Facebook post. “Also, please check any non-candy items such as rings, bracelets, necklaces or fake teeth.”

The boy’s mother told WBNS-10TV that she and the boy’s father are recovering drug addicts, but that they are both clean. She reportedly said that there is no other way her son would’ve come into contact with meth other than trick-or-treating.

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