More American Airlines flight cancellations reported Tuesday morning

DAYTON — Another round of American Airlines flight cancellations have been reported Tuesday morning, days after computer issues with PSA Airlines, a regional carrier based in Dayton, caused hundreds of cancellations.

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Twelve departures and 11 arrivals from the Dayton airport were showing as cancelled this morning, according to the airport’s website.

Eight departures and nine arrivals were cancelled at the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky International Airport, the airport’s website shows. In Columbus, only five departures and four arrivals were cancelled.

American Airlines is unsure how long it will take to fix recent computer issues that have cancelled or delayed hundreds of flights, spokeswoman Katie Cody said in a press conference in Charlotte Monday.

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“We are incredibly sorry for the frustrations and problems that this has caused for our passengers,” she said. “We know how frustrating this has been for them and we share that frustration. We have been doing everything we can to provide full support on the (information technology) side, the customer relations side and on a team-support side to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

She clarified that the glitch in the scheduling and crew assignment system is not a result of hacking or cybersecurity issues.

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Flights to and from Charlotte, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and New York were showing as the cancelled flights.

Tuesday’s cancellations come after around 70 American Airlines flights were cancelled through Sunday, just days after a major outage cancelled 675 flights Thursday and Friday.

Cancellations last week were blamed on issues with PSA’s dispatch and crew scheduling system in Dayton, according to officials.

To help stranded passengers, American Airlines paid for 1,600 hotel rooms Sunday and Monday, Cody said, and PSA Airlines tweeted an apology to displaced passengers yesterday.

“We understand recent cancellations have been frustrating for customers and are doing everything in our power to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. American is working to contact all those impacted, but please check your flight status before going to the airport,” the tweet said.

Over the weekend a team of American Airlines employees traveled to Dayton, where PSA is headquartered, to help repair the regional carrier’s computer systems, according to media reports.

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