Local bars suffering from national liquor shortage

DAYTON — A national liquor shortage could soon hit close to home as your favorite alcoholic drink at the bar could soon be a lot more difficult to find.

Local bars are having trouble keeping the shelves stocked.

Chris Bhai, General Manager at Brixx Ice Co., said, “Well, these times have been a little crazy.”

Bhai said it’s been hard to get a lot of what his bar needs. “Straws, napkins, little cups and booze.”

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They have managed to keep most of the liquor in stock except there’s been shortages of Jameson.

“Some of the sizes we buy for Jameson or Woodford or other things, we had to get the larger sizes or small sizes,” Bhai said.

According to Bhai, they buy as much local as they can, avoiding some of the national shortage issues.

He said, “Between Buckeye and Bell of Dayton, we like a lot of the local products.”

News Center 7 also spoke with a manager at Lock 27 who said they are dealing with the shortage of buying locally.

Along with dealing with shortages, customers could soon find the price of their favorite drink going up too.